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any insight in to where I should "Loosen" up the bedding?
Several schools of thought:
1- Make sure the forearm does not touch the action. Glass bed the hanger to the forearm, and put two layers of masking tape on the front of the action and glass bed the forearm/action area. When you remove the tape, there will be a consistent gap there.
2- Glass bed the forearm tight to the front of the action, hanger, and the chamber area of the barrel. Free float the rest.
3- Bed the chamber area, use a rubber O-ring under the forearm screw. put rubber tubing around the springs under the forearm.
4- Get an Alexander Henry type forearm and hanger. The angled forearm screw draws the forearm into the action and barrel.

I have used #1 and #2, a friend did #3, all with good results. #4 usually requires new parts, so a lot of people avoid it.
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