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Originally Posted by Spacecoast:
Personally, I'd much rather have a 12 gauge/00. If I was convinced, as you are that I needed a handgun for primary defense I'd choose .45 ACP, but if I was constrained to using a Judge it would be loaded with .45 Colt.
I own a Judge Ultra-Lite. I agree that the 45LC rounds are the prefered ammo for this gun in SD situations. I use Hornady 225 grain FTX jhp ammo. I also will alternate some Federal 000 buckshot when I think I'm going to carry it in the car since the buckshot is powerful enough to stop a car jacking & not travel past the threat as far as the 45lc would. 45LC alternated with 000 buckshot is an effective SD setup. (Birdshot would not be effective in my opinion unless it was a shot to the face from point blank range.) Yes I would rather have my 12 gauge or my Glock 21, but the Taurus Judge isn't the toy that some seem to think it is with the right ammo.
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