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This may be off topic, but are suppressors allowed for just anyone?
If you are in a state that allows them and can own a regular firearm, then you can own a suppressor.

or do you have to have a tax stamp?
"Buying" the stamp is part of buying a NFA item.

The tax stamp is basically a receipt showing you paid the $200 NFA "sales tax". You fill out the Form 4, send it in with the finger print cards and stuff, the ATF approves the Form 4 and applies the stamp to one of the Form 4's, and sends it back to your SOT. Once the SOT has the approved Form 4 you can then go take possession of the NFA item and your Form 4.

Remember, a Form 4 is legally a tax document.

also, is there a difference between a silencer and a suppressor?
The government calls them silencers, just like it calls ketchup a vegetable, but most NFA owners prefer to call them suppressors, since they don't make the gun truly silent. "Can" is also a slang term for suppressor.
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