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I believe it is either an M&P or model 10.....can't find any model designation on the frame or barrel and the sn is 640389.
The model designation would be stamped in the frame cutout, the part of the frame that's exposed when you swing the cylinder out. But, based on the serial number, it won't have one. Your .38 M&P dates from the 1915 to 1942 period, corresponding to serial number range 241704 to 700000. You can interpolate using that information to get an approximate year. Model numbering didn't come along until 1957.

Looking for DOB on my Mod 34 .22 lr just bought

S/N 664** 4" barrel, blue, wood stock w/diamond, 6 shot
According to SCSW, the approximate date would be 1960. Approximate SN range that year was 62317 to 70000.

early 1988. Thanks for the photo - that's a handsome revolver.
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