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I do have one issue. Perhaps one of you can help me out.

I shoot left handed. I noticed yesterday that on ocasion, a peice of brass will deflect poorly and hit my right cheek. Not particularly painful, but its distracting, and it was causing me to develop a flinch. Is there anything I can do to adjust how the rifle deflects empty casings?
RedneckFur, unfortunately shooting left handed that's fairly common. You may have more problems with certain ammo over others. And it's possible changing the buffer spring or going to an H-buffer can help. Problem is the shells bounce off the deflector so it's hard to say exactly what if anything might help change the angle. The real answers to completely eliminate the problem is switching over and shooting right handed - or buying a Stag that ejects to the left. Since that's probably out of the question at the very least make sure you wear eye protection!

Take a look at the chart below, it might help or is at least educational. Steelcase is lightly loaded so heavier loads might help. Or try to borrow a heavier spring or H-buffer as a test. I'm pretty sure your ArmaLite came with the standard carbine weight buffer.

Oh, since you mentioned having trouble zeroing you might want to reread what I posted above about the ArmaLite FSB. To get it zeroed is the base of your sight post level with the shelf of the FSB or is it now unscrewed up very high?

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