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Thanks for the info, everyone.

I probably did pay a bit more than I could have, if I'd shopped around and didn't mind ordering from internet sellers. Last few gun shows I've been do though had similar rifles for sale at similar prices, so I dont feel too bad.

I did try the rifle out yesterday with some steel cased ammo. Fed 60 rounds without a hiccup. No issues, no jams, etc.

I had a little adventure getting the front sight adjusted properly. Luckily a retired Marine gave me a 5 minute lesson in how the front sight works on the AR 15.

I got myself some Pmags. very impressed with them! Seem much more sturdy and reliable than the pot-metal mags that came with the rifle. I didnt like how floppy the follower was in the metal mags.

I do have one issue. Perhaps one of you can help me out.

I shoot left handed. I noticed yesterday that on ocasion, a peice of brass will deflect poorly and hit my right cheek. Not particularly painful, but its distracting, and it was causing me to develop a flinch. Is there anything I can do to adjust how the rifle deflects empty casings?
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