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Weekly Update 12-19-2010

On 12-14-2010, in Pertuta v. San Diego, plaintiffs filed a notice of appeal to the 9th Circuit. 10-56971 Docketed: 12/16/2010

On 12-15-2010, in Bateman v. Perdue (NC), the State filed it's response to plaintiffs MSJ... Surprise!... It's the defendants MSJ! Here, the defendants try to twist Gura's as-applied challenge into a facial challenge. Oh, and it's not ripe because there is no emergency about to be declared (forgetting to mention that an emergency declaration was issued, just after the filing of the complaint).

On 12-16-2010, in Benson v. Chicago: MINUTE entry before Honorable Ronald A. Guzman: Motion hearing held on 12/16/2010. Motion by Plaintiffs for extension of time to complete discovery is granted. See item 62 on the docket.

On 12-16-2010, in Bateman v. Perdue (NC), the Brady bunch has filed an amicus brief. I don't have a link to the brief, but here is the press release.

On 12-17-2010, in Mishaga v. Monken (IL), the defendant has filed his response to the complaint. If you have read the majority of complaints and their responses, this is a good one to read side by side. IMO, it is hilarious.
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