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I've pulled down a fair amount of M2 to make pseudo-Mexican match by collecting and re-dispensing the powder more evenly to the average value and substituting Sierra 150 grain MatchKings into the cases. The stock M2 might shoot 2-2.5" at 100 yards from a match accurized Garand. As much as 6" from worn stock Garand barrels.

The main problem is the manufacturing tooling output was all mixed together for those bullets. Even from one can of M2 I might get a half dozen identifiable tooling sets based on the bullet base marks. Not only were the bases distinct, but they often had off-center punch marks, overflow of core lead onto the jacket heel and the cannelures were not evenly impressed. A bullet laid sideways in caliper jaws might show light cracks from the cannelure forward or maybe just below it.

I've also fired a fair amount of M2 at matches that went to 600 yards. The best slow fire prone score I ever had with M2 was 181 (out of 200). The 9 ring is 18" on the 600 yard target, so 18 over 6.3 is 2.9 moa. But some of those would be 10's and X's and some 8's. The 8 ring is 24", which is 3.8 moa. So figure the group opens to a little bigger moa at long range due to atmospheric conditions (irregular air density and wind differences at different portions of the range). So that gun and that ammo lot might have been up to 2.5 moa at 100 yards. Hard to say. The gun was not match accurized, but shot way better than most. That happens randomly that you can get a stock Garand that shoots like a house on fire. The opposite can happen randomly, too.
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