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oh yea

I got my lee 358-158RF mold the other day, gonna cast me some boolits for my .38, so i went down stairs ,cleand the mold and melted my lead, and pourd me some boolits, well that didnt go so well. They looked like crap and the #s were all over the place, i thought to myself that maybe this wasnt for me. Then a friend of mine sent me some beautiful boolits and it struck a fire in me. Today i took my time and poured just 100 and they turned out very good, i like it a lot !! this leads me to my question They are dropping at 164gn.+or-1 , Im going to load them for target shooting. The new lyman cast boolit hand book list 158gn. lyman cast using bullseye starting load 3.0 and max 3.4 . should i use this load for my boolits or go on up to ther 160gn listing which lists bullseye at 3.2gn starting and 3.6max. Im using bullseye because my local reloading /gun shop only carries it or unique. As you can tell iv never loaded cast boolits so all help is appreciated. Thank you and Thank you again friend!! sorry for the double post
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