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Clayman; I am anyathing but an expert on weapons, combat, or law enforcement, but I learned a little something in the Marines and while there are plenty of exeptions to any rule, I can't that "The best defence is an offence."

Also, you missed the part about a "good" offense being the best defense. Moreover, mu understanding is it is a lot more difficult to attack a position than to defend one.

My feeling is simple, and this should not be confused with an officer or soldiers task of clearing a building.

While the better military plans rely on intelligence, I wouldn't expect to have much if any on an uninvited guest. Is he alone, armed, on drugs and if so are they a type that will make him difficult to stop short of overwhelming force. Is his intent to rob or assault my family? For that matter, is it someone that knows the layout of my home and how to best assault it. For that matter it could be my son's Marine Corp buddie back from Afganistan with a buzz on who has simply wandered into my home in the middle of the night with no evil intent.

That is why my plan is to take up a defensive position from which to await LOE, in the case of an intruder.
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