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Some lead-some heat-a mold-priceless!

I love it when a plan works out!

Ruger 44 mag. SBH, 10.5", distance 50 ft., boolit lee C430-310-RF GC, Blu dot @11.7 grains. Winchester brass, WWLRP, lee dies with a Redding profile crimper. Lyman claims this load should push their 300 grainer @ 895. Can't wait for summer to run it over the chrono.

These were "dipped" in LLA (Lee Liquid Alox), up to just below the lowest crimp grove, then set on wax paper to dry. I slugged the chamber throats, and the BBL. both were right at .431. The boolits drop at .4325, so I needed a .431 sizer. Gas checked with Hornady checks.

I didn't have a Lyman in .431, but did have a lee @ .429. So I rigged a hardwood dowel with a slot cut in it, wrapped with emery paper. Running this with a drill to lap out .002. It's called "medium grit, it looks like 320 grit. A trial and error with scrap boolits got me right @ .431.

The dipping method is slow as watching grass grow, but it results in the narrow lube groove being filled as well as the area right in front of the gas check. LLA is just as it comes from the bottle, leaving a thick coating in one pass.

Load development started at 10.5 grains with the best being the max 11.7. Some will say these are frosted, well so be it! They are also well filled out and consistent in weight. Alloy is range lead with about 1.5% tin added, haven't checked the BHN yet. Temp of the alloy was 695. Mold shot with laser temp gauge from HF was 380ish.

I'm lovin it, just cast a big batch with the same pot-o-lead, now to get them lubed. Should take about a 2 hour movie in front of the boob-tube tonight.

Oh, the target was used for .22 league practice, they're free, and if ya can't tell where ya hit with a 44, what cha doin shootin?
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