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I have posted to the effect that while I fully support the right to open carry, I am aware that it is a powder keg issue. That is to say that there are those who want to experience the thrill of challenging those who are uncomfortable with it as an excercise in letting them get used to seeing open carry. Their premise that you have to use it or lose it is silly, and it's idiotic to flaunt it as a means of preserving the right you already have.

The question sits, is this case in San Diego doing anything for the cause of open carry? It is my opinion that it is not. The plaintiff (as I understand it)chose to refuse to show ID while his compadre simply showed the police ID and was left alone. If he wanted to further the cause of open carry in a positive manner any incidents of being approached by the police would be done with full cooperation in the interest of drawing as little negative attention to the cause as possible. He could have showed ID and been on his way three minutes later.

There are those who prefer to support this in the name of full Nth degree "rights", but the reality of this state is that it is a right we currently already have and it doesn't make sense to bring something you can already do to negative awareness. I open carry and do it without drawing attention to it or making the news. I can see the way this is headed with those who choose to make an issue of a non issue so I am getting my CWP as it won't be a problem in this county.

Some of the proponents of this as a cause are suiting up in urban warfare gear, big bulky Glocks with multiple mag holsters sticking out to the side to where their arms are out at darn near a 45 degree angle, and gearing up for the Starbucks confrontation.

That is stupidly pointless and will stir up the anti gun hornets nest, unecessarily I will add.

When I open carry I know what the threats in my life are and I do it to protect myself against them. When I go to leave my car I decide whether the possibility of "needing" a weapon in the store exists. Typically I consider the chance of negative attention to be worse than the potential of a robbery which has nothing to do with me if I choose to make it that way. The scenarios the well equipped urban warrior "needs" to be ready for are quite creatively constructed to say the least.
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