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Always make friends with the Armorer,,,

I always did that when I hit a new base,,,
If you are buddies you get to shot a lot of good stuff.

I was Air Force but was stationed at an Army base,,,
Camp Long, Tae Jon Dong, South Korea,,,
18 Airmen and around 400 Soldiers.

One day he called me at the barracks and said come to the range tomorrow,,,
He had a truck-load of .50 BMG that was going off inventory,,,
Wanted to know if I would like to play with a quad-50.

I said,,, Yes please!

Me and a couple of other guys had a great afternoon,,,
Disintegrating a wrecked 5-quarter truck,,,
We burned through a lot of ammo.

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Combat: "A Silent Cry"
Aarond is good,,, Aarond is wise,,, Always trust Aarond! (most of the time)
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