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Lost my full-auto virginity

Well, I went to a gun shop today that I've never been to before. It was way out in the middle of nowhere and boy did I have fun! After our purchase the owner walked over and said "Hey I brought a few of my machine guns from home, you can shoot em' if ya want. Ya just gotta pay for ammo, oh and you gotta load the magazines yourself." He had brought a Sten MkIII and a Sterling. I opted to shoot the sten, $25 got me 100 rounds, loading the mags wasn't fun but after 15 minutes of loading the 40 seconds of shooting was worth it. I think I'm in love, the Sten looks like someone with some spare pipe and a welding torch made a machine gun, pretty much no recoil, slower rate of fire means it's really easy to control and keep rounds on target.

Please, share your first full-auto experiences!
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