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Hey guys!

See that is what I was thinking as well.

It's not that there is currently something in that area I would need to move - it's more that it takes up a chunk of space on the hand guard which restricts hand placement options a good bit.

I agree with the point of pressure which is why I asked the question. I was just wondering if we're talking enough to make a difference. My understanding of the free float barrel is that keeping it from having a restriction point allows it to maintain correct harmonics (if I'm saying that correctly) and keeps it from creating a flex point at the hand guard mount when under firing pressure.

Since the bipod is just a rest and isn’t strong mounted between the barrel and something else (like the hand guard between the barrel and the upper) I wasn’t sure it create inaccuracy to any noticeable degree under let’s say 300 yards.

You think it would?
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