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Hey asg04a,

Welcome to the forum. I notice you posted on an old thread so I read your message and then checked out to see if SPUD continued to visit the forum after he got the information he wanted in 2001. I don't see that he ever posted anything else so I doubt if he'll ever see this thread because I don't think he checks in anymore.

There may still be a way to contact him. I suggest you use TFL's private message facility and leave a private message for him. That way, TFL leaves an e-mail message for the person at the e-mail address he gave them when he registered, advising him that a member of TFL has left a message for him. If he still uses the same e-mail address now that he had back then, he will probably at least read your question.

If it were me, and I were trying to contact him after 9 years, I would probably put my e-mail address in my private message to him because he may have forgotten how to get back on TFL by now, and may not be willing to go to the trouble of figuring out how to do it again.

Not everybody responds to a personal message. For example, I don't answer some of them because most everything I have to say, I can say on the public forum. (And because on another forums, I once received a private message that creeped me out.) Anyway, I just prefer stay public. But it depends on what its about. I've answered some. In this case I don't see you have much of a choice if you want to get the guy's attention.

Good luck!
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