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I really wonder if these internet experts have any depth of reading comprehension. For those challenged in fundamental reading skills, I'll try to make it understandable.

GSG only recalled the "SD Model" fake suppressors....which happened to be the larger (1 9/16" diameter) of the two that were produced for the GSG-5's. If your GSG-5 had the smaller diameter, there is no issue. The smaller GSG-5 fake is the same diameter as what's offered on the 1911.
If that's directed at me, then you're the one lacking the reading comprehension skills because at no point did I suggest anything contrary. All I said was there was indeed at one point a GSG product whose fake suppressor was deemed to be an NFA item for whatever reason, and that people that bought these were not automatically prosecuted as criminals, but rather simply asked to return the offending muzzle attachments for legally allowable ones. My post was merely directed at someone who suggested if the suppressor would ever be deemed illegal, one could likely face prosecution.
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