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Thanks for the reply. Bullseye is normally easy to find around here, so that's a good idea.

I've never been a big fan of wadcutters....probably because I mostly shoot steel (I've got a small target range on my property), but that combo (Bullseye) with the 125 MBC's should be just fine. She's been handling the hotter loads of .38 I've loaded fine as well as my full power target loads in .40 S&W. She even fired another SASS member's 45LC without batting an eye last weeekend, so I'm thinking this will be fine.

As for the 1858 Remmies, I've also heard that comment before. Whatever decision I make on a 1st C&B, it will be a "side" project to the cartridge weapons, so I'll have lots of time to work out what I don't know.....(which reminds me of an old Army LTC I used to work for..."We're so dumb we don't know what we don't know.")
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