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Hello HorseSoldier,,,

You are correct,,,
I went to and looked up dark Angel,,,
Sure enough there was a picture of the gun in a presentation box.

I'm fairly sure I saw one at a gun show a few years back,,,
I didn't give it much thought at the time,,,
I don't especially want to own one,,,
I would like to shoot one though.

That's the way it is with most guns for me,,,
If I know someone who owns one,,,
And will let me shoot it a bit,,,
It's as good as owning it.

One of the benefits of belonging to a relatively large rifle and pistol club,,,
Lotsa people with lotsa firearms and most are friendly as heck,,,
When I was deciding what Wunder-9 to buy for myself,,,
My fellow members let me shoot a lot of pistols,,,
I always took my 629 to loan something back.

As soon as our message board goes on-line,,,
I'll ask if anyone has one of these,,,
Maybe I'll get lucky there.

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