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Hello, capflyboy05, Several years ago, a friend invited me to his brothers property in northern MI. it bordered on a state land which was a deep valley 300 yds across (lazer rangefinder) to a very high hill covered in light colored sand. I made up some round targets from scrap stainless steel cutt outs. These were 1/8" thick & VERY hard to drill..very tough steel. I spray painted black & hung them on this sandy hill side. It took a bit of sight adjustment....
We were using single-shot .22's, both modern and antique..I had an original Whitney pistol-gripped rolling block, a custom Australian-Martini target rifle, and my friend had a modern Winchester low-wall. All had tang/appature iron sights & either blade or globe front sights. Ammo was std. velocity target. After we got the range, those disks started to ring like a bell! (10" dia.). The real surprise came when we went to get targets at days end...those std. velocity .22's put deep dents in that tough stainless. Those little pills really pack a punch at long range so it pays to be careful. Best of luck & have fun!
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