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jmortimer, I feel your pain, but brother, be careful what you wish for!

If the feds come in and set things right (as you see them) this time, then they have the legal power to come in and set things right (as they see them) at some later date of their choosing.

The best thing would be for the good people of California to band together polically and elect people of like minds who will set things right, no matter how painful that would be to certain cherished liberal concepts.

Unfortunately, barring some kind of major upset, I see your chances for that as slim and none, and slim seems to be out of town.

Getting the fed to step in, I see as a very dangerous precedent, and a tremendous slippery slope. One of the things we are pushing for is that fact that states still have rights. Inviting Fed intervention risks that, severely.

However, if your govt is proven both corrupt and incompetent, that might be what it comes down to. So many are taking leave of the state that the deck is stacked against you, when it comes to setting your house in order. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Not all of us will tell you to take the easy way out, and escape to what is still "free America". Keep the faith, do what you can, and know you are not alone.

The last adminsitration's mantra was "Hope and Change". We had hope. And now that the nation truly sees where they are taking us, we will have Change! Hang in there.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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