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A Little Help to a Newbie to CAS

Howdy all. I normally hang out over at the Reloading section, but thought I'd ask some advice from folks who shoot SASS/CAS.

I've been reloading .38 and .40 for about a year and half (about 3,000 rounds to date), but I've recently caught the CAS bug. I'm purchasing some pistols this weekend for me and my daughter to begin shooting CAS. I've decided to stay in the .38 variety because I already have experience with that round (and have brass, dies, etc.) plus my daughter has proven she can handle that round.

My question is this. I've been loading .38's, but I obviously need to "tone it down" some for CAS shooting. My previous loads were fired from my .357 and according to load data (no, I don't own a chrony), were around 900-950 fps. I've loaded with Unique, Silouette (the old WAP), and recently with SR7625 (which was the best option available at the time I last bought powder ). I've been using 125 gn lead purchased from Missouri Bullet Company and have been pleased with the results. They are 12 BHF.

Anybody have some advice as to a good load recipe for .38 for CAS which will get my velocities down in the 750 fps range?

Also, I'll say that I'll probably get into black powder in the not-so-distant future because one of the things about CAS that intrigues me is the history. For example, the pistols I'm purchasing this weekend are open tops . I love the look of 'em. It's only a matter of time until I bite off on an 1851 Navy or 1860 Army.

I appreciate the advice in advance.
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