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I haven't cast my own bullets yet, at least not since I was a teen and cast .45 balls for Dad's flintlock, but this discussion really reminds me of those times.

Back then, we used an old pot-bellied stove Dad had and melted in a 5 lb cast iron melting pot and then poured these into little 1 lb. ingot forms for use during bullet casting time. Prior to that we used to cast lead soldiers and ships and such to play with, as kids. Lol, this was well before we 'learned' how dangerous lead is for kids.

Anyway, since I don't have that old PB stove or any of the casting items anymore, it was nice to read this and put together a plan for when I do decide to get back into it. I have about 50# lead bits hanging around in cans and such. While I know that is a pittance compared to the volumes some of you deal with, it's a good start I think.

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