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It came with the target sights. Started out as a Pietta. what did I have done?
Lets see, Target custom barrel, cylinder line bored, & sleeved to a .36
Build in stop on loading lever. Adjustable trigger stop. Re-blued so everything
matches. Re-timed so everything locks up tight. I did the nipple work. Target
trigger. Trigger is about 6 oz. on letoff. About the only thing left that is stock
is the frame. I paid 172.00 for the pistol new and another 400.00 to have all
the work done. But that was five years ago. I think to buy one now like mine
will cost about 800.00 Work was done by a Master shoot at Friendship In.
He does most of the revolvers at the Nationals and the North South Skirmish
people. I can say this, they will shoot!!. is offline  
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