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I don't use the oven because I don't pull the grips everytime I clean . I pull the cylanders and scrub with hot soapy water and tooth brushes and bore brushes. While I'm doing this a big pot of water boils on the stove.After rinsing the gun and parts I pour hot boiling water over the gun while holding the grips. Shake the water off and dry with a towel. I don't have a compressor but most electronic stores sell cans of compressed air for blowing dust and dirt out of computers and such. A hair dryer is more than OK . Then I spray with Ballistol.
I definately will try Kwhi 43's suggestion about window cleaning fluid and I am not sure why I don't use WD40. Gees , I use it for everything else.
Shooting is supposed to be fun,what ever I can do to simplify cleaning I am gonna try.
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