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1. Let the pistol rinse after soapy water, soap residue is not nice stuff.

2. Let the metal all get evenly heated to as hot as is bearable in really hot hot rinse water before "calling it good". This helps dry the nooks & crannies well.

3. Hair dryer is your friend, as is good oil. Use lots of both high heat air from the ol' Wally-World $10 hair dryer. Make sure to direct the air flow everywhere with the hammer both cocked & un-cocked & the cylinder removed from the frame. I wear a leather insulated glove & keep going till its uncomfortable to hold before I call it dry.

4. You always have access to a little blown air. Like they say in the movies "All you do is pucker your lips & blow".

For me it's almost 2 years & counting without a single trace of anything bad anywhere.
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