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Weekly Update - 12-12-2010

On 12-06-2010, in the Bonidy v. USPS, the government has filed a MTD.

On 12-07-2010, in Parker v. California, Plaintiffs filed a MSJ and/or summary adjudication of issues. Hearing is set for 01-18-2011. Of the various declarations filed in support of the MSJ, was that of Tom Allman, Mendicino County Sheriff-Coroner; Larry Potterfield, CEO Midway Arms Inc, dba Midway USA; and Michael Tenny dba Cheaper Than Dirt.

On 12-08-2010, in Second Amendment Arms v. City of Chicago, a joint status hearing was held wherein City of Chicago moved to dismiss. Plaintiffs response due 01-21-2011 and defendants reply is due on 02-16-2011. Ruling will be by mail.

On 12-08-2010, in the Muller v. Maenza case (NJ), an agreed to by both parties letter was submitted to Judge Walls. Should the Judge agree to the proposed schedule, then the case is now fast tracked. See Item #9 on the docket.

On 12-09-2010, in Jackson vs. San Francisco, the Judge denied the City's Motion to Consolidate (Pizzo). Plaintiffs will now move forward by filing an MPI.

On 12-09-2010, in Peterson v. LaCabe, the Colorado AG files his response to the plaintiff and at the same time, files a Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment.

On 12-10-2010, in Peruta v. San Diego, Judge Gonzales denied the plaintiffs Partial Motion for Summary Judgment and granted the defendants Motion for Summary Judgment.
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