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Maestro, before you use the terms, you will need to define them. Most people outside of CA don't have a clue what LOC means, let alone other CA specific terms like UOC or LUCC.

See, when the majority (41) of the States already have open carry (12 States unregulated; 16 States mostly unregulated; 13 States licensed), these CA terms are hard to understand. There's no context.

Most people outside of CA don't have a clue that the Judge is equating Unloaded Open Carry (UOC) as being the functional equivalent of a functioning firearm that is loaded and carried openly.

Further, the fact that anyone (in CA) who is openly carrying an unloaded handgun can be arbitrarily stopped by a LEO and have his firearm searched (after being proned-out, in some cases) to be sure it is unloaded (In CA, this is not a 4th amendment violation - so the courts have said), is unknown to the rest of us.
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