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Your Officers Model looks almost exactly like my 1953 Official Police model, except you have adjustible sights on your gun while my OP has fixed sights; the hammer spurs are slightly different; and in your 2nd picture there is a double screw stetup just in front of and above your trigger, where my OP just has a single screw.

I'd bet that the frame and 95% of the parts from my OP would directly interchange with your guns parts. You'd just have to drill another hole for the double screw setup. If the Officers Models used OP frames, cylinders, and barrels, Colt probably just used them pre-stamped with serial numbers from the OP line. (Thats a guess, folks.)

EDIT: I posted the previous information last night. Then I looked at your photos once more today, and realized that your guns serial number is shown in the 3d photo, and its not a 6 digit number at all, but a 4 digit number. Its the number shown inside the open crane. It looks to my old eyes like that serial number begins with an 8 too, instead of a 6, but that could just be my eyes playing tricks or the photo playing tricks.

If your 4 digit serial number actually begins with a 6, it was manufactured in 1931 according to the information shown for Colt serial numbers in the following hyperlink. If it actually begins with an 8, the gun was manufactured in 1934.

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