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Woohoo... broke 700 today with my .38 special

I used my 6" S&W Model 14-1 and my DEWC reloads to shoot 703 in today's NRA 900 outdoor match at our local club. I had a terrible time shooting single action slow fire at 50 yards (first round was a horrendous 47 and a 3-round average of 61.3/100), but came back strong shooting double action in the timed and rapid fire rounds at 25 yards, averaging 86.5/100 and finishing with rounds of 91, 89 and 88. In several rounds all ten of my shots were on the "repair center", and during the last round I had a light primer strike (and therefore an alibi round), and still all 14 shots were on the repair center.

I'm very encouraged by today's results, the best I could do previously with my 6" 686-4 was 644 with no rounds over 85. My strategy next time will be to shoot DA at 50 yards as well, today it seemed like I couldn't miss and there's something about DA that is just inherently easier than SA for me.

This was my second time shooting this 1961-era K-frame as I just bought it a few weeks ago. It balances great and it's a LOT lighter than my full-underlug L-frame 686. I didn't feel any arm fatigue through the end of the match today. I have switched out the trigger rebound spring for a lighter one from Wolff, lightly smoothed a few of the internal parts with a fine Arkansas stone and replaced the stock wood grips with Hogues. It has a very nice DA trigger now.

Just FYI for those who may have not participated in Bullseye competition, the 8, 9 and 10 rings in NRA outdoor competition are 8, 5.5, and 3.375 inches in diameter. All shooting is done unsupported with one hand. The repair center, which is square, basically replaces the 7 ring and inward after each round.

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