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Question RE: 1858 Remington

I see that a lot of second hand 1858's have a distinctive mark that goes all the way around the cylinder. I assume it's from the cylinder rubbing against the bolt and wearing out the blueing.

Some of these guns are said to be unfired - with only marks from spinning the cylinder.

But on my Pietta - the bolt only comes into contact with the cylinder when the hammer is fully cocked and even then it doesn't stay in contact all the way around - so even firing the gun through the entire 6 shots in succession won't cause the bolt to leave a groove all the way around the cylinder.

With the hammer at half cock to spin the cylinder - the bolt on my gun is fully retracted. So there's nothing there at all to leave a mark when the cylinder is spun.

Is this a peculiarity of my gun, that it doesn't leave a groove on the cylinder when I spin it or fire it? Does it mean it's not working properly?

It seems to cycle correctly and I haven't had any problems firing it. But the only indication the gun has been used are some tiny marks on the edge of the notches on the side of the cylinder.

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