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The 500 S&W in the Handi rifle seems to push the gun to a limit. This is from Greybeards outdooors

Bad Day At The Range With 500 HandiI had my first
« on: November 30, 2010, 09:34:32 AM »

I had my first opportunity this past weekend to check the zero for my rifles for deer hunting season. I've been on an out-of-town project and was only back in town for a few days over the Thanksgiving Holidays. I'll have a longer break over the Christmas Holidays and that is when I should get a couple of days to hunt. Anyway, I was attempting to sight in my 500 S&W Handi. However, after every shot, the barrel popped open. Now I'm well aware of degreasing the latch and latch shelf. I also degreased the pin to which the latch is secured during lockup. I did this after each shot but the problem persisted. After last season, I had used Eezox to protect the metal. I used denatured alcohol to attempt to remove the Eezox. Maybe I need something better. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I was using factory ammo (ie, Federal Vital-Shok with 275 gr Barnes XPB).
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