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Hi there,

Well, I picked up the used FNP-40 the other day for a steal. It looked just about brand new, but after very careful inspection at home it had some common issues reported on the web. Small crack in housing around fire control parts and weak mag springs.

These were problems with a few FNP pistols and probably why such as nice pistol was traded in for so little. I read on the web that the fire control housing was redesigned later to solve the cracking problem. They should all be addressed on the FNX, I'd think.

I thought I might return the pistol, since the shop I bought it from has a 30-day no question return on used pistols with problems, but...

I called FN and their customer service is nothing short of great. I notified them that the pistol was used. They didn't care and treated me as if I had bought the weapon new.

They'll pay for you to send the pistol in and will fix it. They stand behind their product, whether you're the original buyer or not. Mine is on the way to their repair center as we speak. Point is, if your pistol does have a problem, then FN will provide you good service.

Contrast that with my Witness. I have that in for a loose safety. It took two weeks for them to get back to the gunsmith and refused to pay for shipping unless I could come up with a recipe proving that I bought the gun new, which I did. Can't find the receipt, though, so I'm paying $50 at least for shipping too and from EAA in Florida.

My EAA has about 200 rounds through it. Again, purchased new by me.

That's the difference between a company that stands behind it's product and one that just imports a pistol from another company.

As I result I would definitely by another FN, but I won't buy another Witness, even if it comes back perfectly repaired. I like to reward good customer service!

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