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The RAI loader would have answered all your needs. It is SCREWED together and can be easily dismantled with a couple of allen keys into three stow-able parts.
I remember there were some initial negative comments about this loader on the BP forums (we are both on all of them I think), but this loader has proved to be very good, is well made, and worth the asking price. For someone who loads soft lead RBs, the handle doesn't need to be extended. In the video on the makers website, he is shown using two hands and pounding on his hand. This was only because he was sitting down and at a bad angle to the loader for the video. The original length handle is sufficient to load soft lead balls. I extended mine because I shoot wheel weight round balls (I have a lot of wheel weight ingots left over from my earlier casting days, along with about 2 dozen different molds). This loader is well made, well finished, and works.
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