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I don't know why I feel this way...

...But I just have always felt that I wanted a press that I could throw in my shooting box. My shooting box is about 12" high by 10" wide by about 22" long. Inside that box goes everything I need to shoot the pistols including a chronograph and tripod.

In addition to that box I take a folding table, folding chair bench rest and target stand. And of course the pistols. I take all of this stuff because I don't have a range within reasonable driving distance that doesn't charge fifty bucks a month to use. So I drive about an hour to a friend's house and shoot on his property.

Over the course of about a year I came up with several different iterations of press which was intended to be able to safely press the bullet home without damaging the pistol and could be folded up or dismantled and carried INSIDE my shooting box. I immortalized my efforts in several threads on this forum to the amazement and glee of many members of the forum. (I use the word "glee" because I know they were rolling with laughter as they read the posts and saw the photos. In fact I am sure that some of the guys who remember those threads are laughing right now. I know that my face is red with embarassment.)

I finally came up with one which loads two chambers at a time. It is made from a cabinet makers clamp and a very short section of pipe. It unscrews into two pieces and fits into my shooting box easily. It does not need to be screwed or clamped to anything. (I had originally made a jig which was designed to press all six at one time but the clamp does not give enough mechanical advantage to do the job safely) The thing I came up with works pretty well, loads pretty safely and fits inside the box.

My efforts were terribly misguided. I could easily have just bought a reliable loader, and then worked at modifying it to be dismantled to fit in the box. But because I am a stubborn jack a-- -- who is like a dog with a bone in situations like this, using the accepted design simply never entered my mind.

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