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Thanks Hardcase. I obviously missed that thread when doing my search. There are some differences of opinion expressed there; but I didn't really see any shortcomings mentioned that worry me too much.

I have already decided that the stand will need to be mounted on a more substantial base; and that the charging handle will likely need lengthening to provide additional leverage. Someone pointed out that the plunger needs to be lifted by hand. While some may view that as a problem, I see it as an advantage when seating wads in the chambers. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

One thing that helped me decide to buy this particular loader was a phone call I made to the number on the website. It was 6PM (closing time) when I called; but the phone was answered on the third ring by the same fella that did the video. He stayed on the phone with me for about fifteen minutes explaining the system and answering my questions...seemed like a really friendly, polite guy. That sort of thing is important to me when I make a purchase from someone.

EDIT: Looks like Junkman 01 is ahead of me on handling the glitches.
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