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Another thread on BP cylinder loaders

While awaiting delivery of my 1858 from Cabela's, I have been searching the forum for info on "out-of-the-gun" revolver cylinder loading tools. Hidden within all the numerous threads, I found a one-liner that led me to the RAI Loading Stand. A few things immediately peaked my interest in it. (1) It has the capability to load .32-.45 calibers. (2) It loads both Colt and Remington type cylinders without using a center pin to position the cylinders. (3) The plunger rides on a cam on the lever bar rather than being attached to the bar. (4) It is made of cold rolled steel (think heavy duty).

The cam on plunger design allows the plunger to push the ball straight down into the cylinder without imparting force to the side. That characteristic is, apparently, what eliminates the need for a cylinder centering pin on the stand. The lack of a fixed connection between the charging lever and the plunger allows felt pads to be seated without using the charging lever. The base of the stand appears to be smaller than optimum for stability; but that can be easily corrected by using the pre-drilled holes to mount the stand to a wooden base. It also appears that the length of the charging lever could easily be increased, if needed.

There is a video demonstration of the stand at the manufacturer's website.

The price of the stand is listed as $59.95 on the website; but he has them listed on eBay for a BIN price of $49.95 with free shipping.

Well, I was impressed enough to order one from the eBay listing; so I will followup with a hands-on report after I receive it.

Sorry if I'm throwing out info that is already known on the forum; but it is hard for a new guy to know everything that has already been said here.

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