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I owned a Px4 40, it actually was an excellent gun, ran perfectly, but even with the small grip on it (which I couldn't try at the store) the trigger reach was a bit too long for me, and heavy, so I never could get the first DA shot NOT to hit to the right, at least not consistently.

To me a handgun must be able to shoot where I want without my having to think about it, or struggle, or adapt to it.

Make sure the Px fits your hand, that your trigger finger can easily reach the trigger, and that you like the pull, and you could be very happy with it.

Felt recoil was minimal, much more comfortable to shoot than Glock .40s just for one example.

I also did not like the slide-mounted safety/decocker on my "F" model Px, you have to manually push the safety back up after decocking. I found this pretty tiresome after awhile when practicing DA shots. This is a Beretta F issue, and maybe some other brands that have the old, slide-mounted safety that is a safety AND a decocker. Smith alloy autos and Ruger P 95 come to mind.

The "G" model Px4s I believe are decocker-only, and I would have preferred one of them. There is also a way to convert from "F" to "G" that you can find online, but I would not trust my gunsmithing skill (although they say it's easy).

I haven't owned any EAAs, but they have a mixed reputation. Your safer choice is between the FN and the Beretta, and if you like the trigger reach and pull I would get the Beretta.

P.S. I now have an XD 40, and prefer it. To each his own....Felt recoil is comfortable on the XD, and may actually be slightly lighter on the Px. MUCH easier for me to shoot the XD....

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