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I love my fnx9, lower bore axis on it compared to fnp - best gun I have shot when it comes to little experience/rapid fire accurate follow up shots. I was getting about 5" groups at 15yds shooting as quickly as I could with getting a quick sight picture. The grips don't fit my hands perfect, my fnp felt a little better.

Some pro's of the fnx series - quality gun for the price, interchangeable backstraps to fit your needs, manual safety for cocked and locked carry, decocker, good customer service, all around great shooter

con's - new gun series, some small issues that are being reported (none are deal breakers but just be mindful, such as loose backstraps, wobble with loaded mags, or issues getting the mag to seat properly without giving it some sufficient force inserting) lack of accessories

cant speak for the other pistols you have mentioned, but hope this helps
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