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Bigjim3: From good seller to thief

I really hate to do this over $25.00 but if that's all his reputation and integrity are worth to him, I have no choice but to warn you that Bigim3, aka Patrick Walters is no longer the trustworthy seller that he had been in the past.

Before agreeing to buy a holster from him, I checked the feedback section to see if anyone had previously dealt with him and all seemed well. I paid him with a USPS money order on November 5th for a Don Hume holster for a Sig P238 and he told me that he would send the holster on the 8th. He then told me that he sent it with tracking and insurance and that he would send the tracking number to me. He never sent the tracking number and when I reminded him that I had not received the holster nor the tracking number, he then told me that he lost the paperwork so he wouldn't be able to give me the tracking number or be able to file a claim. I seriously doubt that he ever sent the holster in the first place. So, after waiting a couple of weeks, I asked him to return my money, which he agreed to do. Unfortunately, he never sent the refund either. And, he doesn't respond to emails or PM's any longer. Obviously, something must have happened to turn him from a good seller into a thief.

If, by any chance, the funds ever turn up, which I sincerely doubt that they ever will, I will retract this and offer an apology. But I'm not going to hold my breath.
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