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Weekend Update

04 Nov. 2010: Richards v. Prieto (Yolo Cnty) (was Sykes v. McGuiness), filed their 2nd amended complaint. On 18 Nov. 2010, Yolo Cnty Sheriff filed his answer.

22 Nov. 2010: In Kachalsky v. Cacace (New York), the Brady Campaign filed an amicus brief for the State. This brief is essentially word for word what they filed (and then removed - in a snit, I would add) in D'Cruz v. McCraw! If ever a court should take cognizence, it is this.

22 Nov. 2010: In Mishaga v. Monken, Judge McClusky has denied the State its motion to dismiss. The opinion states that the State has not met any burden to prove the complaint is invalid in any manner. The State is directed to answer the complaint by 17 Dec. 2010. In his opinion, the Judge has directed the plaintiff to further the argument that a guest (in another's house) has the same rights as the homeowner has.

22 Nov. 2010 (filed 26 Nov.): In Woolard v. Sheridan, the judge confirmed that the defendant need not answer the plaintiffs MSJ until the Judge has ruled on the defendents MTD.

23 Nov. 2010: In D'Cruz v. McCraw, the State of Texas has filed its answer to the complaint. They deny everything and move to dismiss with prejudice.

23 Nov. 2010: In Bateman v. Perdue, the State, the County of Stokes and the City of King have asked for and been granted an extension of time to file their responses. Replies are now due on 16 Dec. 2010.

23 Nov. 2010: In Ezell v. Chicago, records were officially transmitted to the 7th Circuit.

25 Nov. 2010: In Wisconsin Carry v. Wray, the defendants (Chief Wray & City of Madison) filed their response to the complaint. There's a bit of humor in this response, as while the defendants admit what occurred at the restaurant, they deny that the 4 plaintiffs were ever there!
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