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Still gearing up for my first reloading session (the SDB won't be here for at least another 9 days) I was reading the warning panel on the Winchester primers I bought.

" ...Handle one at a time; NOT in bulk or primer feed devices..."
I was actually planning to hand-prime with an RCBS primer tool while I'm learning to reload, so this doesn't affect me right now, but reading this warning makes me wonder about all the large primer feed tubes on the various machines.

Is the warning against primer feed devices just a case of Olin covering their butts, or is there a real danger with the feed devices (presumably the ones which "stack" the primers)

Now I understand that there are thousands and thousands of reloaders using primer tubes across the country, so the danger can't be that great. Still, as a beginner, I'd like to know as much as possible about the safety aspect of reloading.



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