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Bushmaster Carbon 15 questions

OK I know I will get flamed for this, but -

I just put one on lay-away today, it appears to be be one of the newer ones with both the ejection port covers and the foward assists.

I am aware of the previous problems with the PO Carbon 15s, but the price of this one just sucked me in on it ($599.00) has the Bushmaster warantee and a really nice trigger pull. I am on a budget and this will be a project gun for the winter. I actual have a good solid AR (Bushmaster Varminter) that does ..15 MOA at 100 as well as other 223s that are even more accuurate, and this is just something to tinker with, dress up and tear appart and rebuild.

This is such a light weight gun (4.5 lbs) that it actually felt great after lugging around 10 pound monsters. Things that will be replaced is the hand guard with a quad rail and the colapsibale stock with a magpul and the addition of front and rear sights. Have thought about a new upper as well as a better bolt (just don't know yet). Haven't taken it apart.

Here is the question - What other parts do you think would make it a better rifle short of replacing the lower and buying a different gun.

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