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If your hell bent on it its a simple matter for a smith to cut one dovetail and drill a couple holes for a receiver sight. 2 dovetail one at the front and rear for crude old buckhorn sights would be less then a c note for sure and the sights themselves maybe 20-40 bucks.

For a receiver sight the cost of the sight would be more, sight itself would be around 100 bucks.

The fellas are right in that you can get iron sighted rifles cheaply (old enfields, nagants and other mill surps), I recommend a sporterized mill surp in 6.5 swede, it would fit your wants perfectly judging by your caliber needs. Good enough for yotes, deer and moose. Check out the mannlichers rifles or old Krags in this cartridge.

Dont be afraid to ask a smith questions about what he charges, its their business to. Although the older ones may get a little misty eyed by some kid asking for iron sights installed on a bolt gun, its been a while since THAT was popular.

And loose the damn attitude, no ones going to give you crap for being ignorant on a subject.
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