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Please don't give me crap for this stupid question

I've only been shooting a few months now (learning with a .22)...It has become my favorite and foremost activity.
I'm looking toward the purchase of THE rifle (the one I will use most or exclusively, and, hopefully keep for my lifetime) in about 8 or 9 months....been looking at Brownings, Winchester 70's, Ruger Hawkeyes, some Marlins (and several others).

I have noticed that most of these rifles come without sights - the intention being (I assume) to mount a scope on them.

For me, a scope is not something I would be interested in for a long time...preferring iron sights (using them until I feel fully proficient with them, or until I consider hunting game).

So, what do you do when you purchase a rifle without sights and want iron sights...bring it to a gunsmith and have them installed? If so, what kind of cost could I expect for this (as my budget is going to be very tight). Also..What are some of the best resources for buying sights?

I signed on here for all the extensive knowledge I see, so if you guys/girls wouldn't mind giving me a little direction on this, it would be most appreciated.
Also please feel free to offer any of your favorite rifle recommendations (looking at calibers .223, 22-250, and 243 --- and a couple .308s)

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