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Got second GSG.....this time with the suppressor!

Black Friday at the gun show, dealer just got two in yesterday......lucky enough to snag one ($375).

Have seen these on the GSG web site, but it was too neat to pass up. Wasn't real keen on the rail, but decided to make the best of it....picked up a quick detach light to go with it. Appears the rail can be removed if desired....looks like two screws holding it on. Kinda of like the light now that I've played with it.

Suppressor of course is fake, installs by removing the thread protector and spin it on. Got me to thinking if it would be possible to carry this to the farm. Found a 8 1/2" revolver holster for $15 that should do the trick....about an inch longer than the suppressor.

One helpful observer at the gun show says the suppressor can be made functional with the addition of "Jello". Pour the Jello into the suppressor and refrigerate till solid.....screw on the suppressor and fire away, he says it will quiet the first couple rounds, then time to refill the Jello mold.........think I'll pass on that suggestion.

Haven't shot it yet, but if it's as good as my other 1911 GSG I'll be thrilled.

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