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Dumb founded

I have a S&W revolver that i cant seem to find out about... i have seen several things that lead me to believe its a 1950 357mag and the serial from what i read also seems to fall in line. Here is what i have, and any help would be appreciated.

Nickle plated 357mag 3.5 inch pinned barrel, square butt, wood inset grips,
serial as follows S 123XXX it was purchased from Stoeger mail order back in the early mid fifty's and i have the purchase order as well. It says ( order sheet) its a model k22???? At any rate and not being a pro id have to say condition is 85-90% with very slight cycle marks and i know that it has never fired more than a box of 38spWC ammo... there isnt any pitting or marks on the cone.. I can and will gladly provide a photo but cant at this time because of logistical reasons.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance
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