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This is one of the kindest threads I have ever come across in over 20 years of collecting. Thank you so very much!

Since WWII 1911's are out of my price range anymore, I am looking for an original Victory to purchase. My Dad is 86 next week and served in the Pacific with the Navy as a radio tech and listener. So, I may opt for a Navy Victory. Also, I carried a S&W 13 on my first security job 25 years ago so the 4" Smithy is in my blood! Don't ask me what Dad carried, he still says his enlistment was "classified" and won't devulge any info other than confirming that he was in 'special ops' on his discharge.

I have done a little research and found the Navy had its first two Victory contracts with no markings; thus, I'm presuming these guns are not as expensive as regular US Navy marked guns? Here is the serial I am inquiring about....118709. Besides the V serial, all it has is the bomb on the butt. Could it be one of the early Navy guns?

Searching and kinda cheap, Dave
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