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If you are doing this cuz you are afraid of lead poisoning, fear no more. Lead doesn't get into your system from melting. Only when vaporizing can you breathe it. None of our equipment can get it that hot. As for other means, wash hands, dont eat or drink until you do.

This is based on real info. Look it up. Also I've been casting for some time and get my (and childrens) levels check regularly. All good, None, no lead.

If you are doing it for the hell of it, (I'm a tinkerer too) go for it. Brass melts at a much higher temp than lead, even alum. Make sure it's sized right, you don't want to lodge one of these in a barrel. It will be much lighter than a regular bullet, take that in account when you load.

Also, Pictures. We Love Pictures. The process, the test load, the first shot, all of it.
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