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Thanks, Farmerboy

Thanks, Farmerboy.

so many of us would have saved ourselves alot of money and headaches if we would have really done this at first.
I try to make my posts worth their length. I am always a little embarrassed by my inability to edit down and it is nice to hear that someone believes I am worth my bandwidth.

The money and headaches I spent and experienced, though, gave me most of what wisdom I possess. Few regrets, though. If we could sell our wisdom for what it cost us, would we sell? After selling my wisdom, I would probably just lose the money again.

Wise is the man who learns well from his painful experiences.
Happy is the man who learns well from OTHER men's painful experiences.

There are many ways to state this truism:

Good judgment comes from experience.
Experience comes from bad judgement.
Therefore: Good judgment comes from bad judgment.

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